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Blue Ridge Food Ventures can help you systematically launch your business, provide guidance on the many rules and regulations that relate to your product or idea, and guide you to resources for successful financial and marketing planning. Our application process helps ensure that you have everything you need to get your business started right.

Step 1: Do Your Research

  • Use the resources on this website to determine if your product can be manufactured at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, and that you have the human and financial resources to bring it to market.
  • Drafting your marketing and financial plans will enable you to answer questions that will come up during your initial visit with Blue Ridge Food Ventures staff.

Step 2: Contact Us

Step 3: Complete an Application Packet

  • If you will be making a Natural Product, you will also need to complete and bring in a copy of your Product Ingredient Checklist.
  • Bring your completed application packet and any applicable fees to your next scheduled meeting with Blue Ridge Food Ventures staff.

NOTICE: Tours must be scheduled and pre-approved.

Let's Get This Thing Started...

Be sure to complete Step 1 and submit your New Client Application & Product Information Sheet above first!

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On-boarding Policy

  • Intake fee $125
  • No hourly rate charge for the first 4 hours of production for proof-of-concept
  • After a client’s free hours of proof-of-concept production, BRFV will also offer new shared-use clients an introductory rate of $20/hour for their first 30 billable hours (to be used within your first two months of scheduled productions) *
  • If a client’s primary sales outlet is farmers/tailgate markets, their first 30 billable hours will be charged at $20/hour (to be used within your first two months of scheduled productions)*

* After this two-month period, your hourly rate will revert to the established fee schedule.