Round One

Financial Assistance for Facility Usage

This program is designed to subsidize the use of Blue Ridge Food Ventures by Western North Carolina businesses and individuals who have been adversely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and the related emergency response. Funding is provided by Blue Ridge Food Ventures and is offset by funds BRFV received through federal fiscal recovery funds allocated by Buncombe County.

Initial credit allocations are available for up to $500 for use of facilities at Blue Ridge Food Ventures within 6 months of the award. Depending on availability of funds, follow-up award requests may be allowed after initial credits are used. 

Credits will pay for ongoing services offered to clients, including hourly use of kitchens and equipment, monthly and weekly storage, monthly commissary fees for mobile food units, product development assistance and more.

Credits will not pay for purchase of equipment, supplies or other expenses not explicitly included in BRFV’s list of services. The client intake fee of between $75 to $125 for new facility users is not eligible for credit.

Criteria for participation: For owners or partners, only one associated business can be funded at a time. Individuals and businesses must be clients of Blue Ridge Food Ventures for commercial handling or manufacture of products under either FDA or County Health Department inspection. Examples include catered foods, packaged foods containing less than 3% meat, cosmetics, natural products and nutritional supplements. 

Applicants must complete an application and submit it to staff at BRFV via this application. If you would prefer to fill out this application offline, please email or call the number below for a hard copy version of this application. Approved applicants must use credits within 6 months of the award date. 


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